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CMS Website

CMS Website Development Services

CMS Website

CMS or content management system is a web application that enables managing your website even without technical expertise. It allows creating content-rich website, streamlining web publishing and its deployment in a trouble-free fashion, and that too by non-technical users. Our CMS website development services allow start-up or small companies to build and maintain functional websites at nominal cost.

However, the initial creation of a CMS website and its customization requires technical proficiency and could only be done by professionals. Website developers at RCS Technology are vastly experienced and professionally qualified to build CMS websites that are robust and comparable to any enterprise level web window.

Work flow

CMS websites are open source which is a fundamental prerequisite. Open source platforms are easier to customise and maintain. Our developers use Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal for creating the perfect website as per your requirement.

Joomla -  It is one of the most powerful open source CMS tools. It is popular because of its simple structure and ease of using. In spite of its simplicity, Joomla could be used even for complex web development as required in enterprise applications. This tool is equally popular among non-technical and technical users.

WordPress – The reach of WordPress as a CMS tool is unparalleled. Exceptional templates, easy-to-use features, and vivid instructions make WordPress a favourite tool among developers. This free tool is customizable and readily available over Internet.

Magento – The significance of Magento lies in its capability of creating fully featured e-Commerce websites. Magento offers complete control and adaptability of contents created, and the functionality of a web page. It is extensively featured and owns the flexibility of a truly open source tool. It is a perfect tool for creating store front operations as required in an e-Commerce site.

Drupal – Drupal is another tool at dispense of our CMS web developers. Its modular and robust framework is useful for creating websites based on MySQL.

Approach of the professionals

Like our other application development programs, CMS developers adopt a transparent and systematic approach. We consult you at every step of developing a website as your demands are primary. Our solutions are open ended, thereby allowing improvement at every opportunity. For us, it is not only important to be technically thorough but totally aware of market trends and consumer behaviour. Our solutions are market driven and cater to the needs of the users.

Why us

We offer e-Commerce website development services that keep you ahead of your competitors. In this era of cut throat competition even a marginal edge could make a significant impact on your business capabilities and market presence.

  • We offer customized solutions that are created as per your exact demands of prospect building and business creation.
  • Our developers are experts in their respective domains and experienced to offer the most viable solution.
  • Our service is not limited to just creating an application but extends to its support and maintenance.
  • We offer knowledge on using our applications and offer continuous support so that your business does not falter.
  • Websites are upgraded when there is a technological change, so as to ensure uninterrupted service.

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